Combiko Ergo F.A.Q.

A little different, but not much! Gear ratio 1:1 therefore 5 degrees of the handlebar coexist 5 degrees of turning the wheel as in a regular bicycle.

it usually takes 30-60 minutes to ride freely, but at the first time you don’t feel anything very unusual, only small specialities of handlebar turning.

Up to 110 kg (242,5 lbs), strong carbon fiber frame, forks although one-sided, but very powerful, the bike has steel axles, 7075 aviation aluminum hubs.

From 120 cm (3,94 ft) to 190 cm (6,23 ft).

No, but we can sell you a standard Bafang motor and Combiko battery. The battery is already designed and provided with battery fasteners on the frame.

11,6 kg (25,57 lbs).

40cm(23,6 in) x 60cm(31,5 in) x 26cm(10,2 in).

No need to carry this bike, developed the ability to roll it.

We chose very good flashlights for this bike with darkness sensors. You can buy them.

Six folded bikes fit easily in the trunk of a passenger car!

There are many standard parts in this bike. For non-standard parts we provide delivery.

This bike is warranteed like a regular bike.

One-sided front and rear forks allows to fold the bike «wheel-to wheel» and to fix in the position with the help of strong magnets.

If we have enough customers, we can learn which colours are more popular and we can add another colours.

This bike is delivered folded and fully adjusted. You need 10-15 seconds to start ride it.

You need 10-15 seconds to fold and the same time to unfold it.

It has 6 speeds and it is enough for teenagers and adults and the bike has a standard chainwheel, you can change the size of it if you want.

It can be adjusted 54 cm (21,2 in) for teenagers and 60 cm (23,6 in) for adults. Very easy and fast!

With the help of the stand inside of the saddle tube.