Universal Adjustment

Ergonomic City Bike With a Carbon Fiber Frame For a Whole Family

Brief Overview​

We have created a lightweight and compact city bike that is at the same time suitable for both teenagers and adults. Thanks to a uniquely designed and patented headset, it is possible to adjust ergonomically the height of the handlebar and saddle for almost any height. The distance between the handlebar and the saddle increases with the height of the rider. The thickness of the folded bike is 26 cm (10.2 in), the weight of the carbon bike is 11.6 kg (25.57 lbs). Fits for growth from 120 (3.94 ft) to 190 cm (6.23 ft). It is very easy to fold it.

How Can Use This Bike

Universal Family Bike

Сan be ergonomically adjusted for each family member.

City Bike

For work and walks around the city.

Camping And Countryside

Takes up little space. You can put these several bikes into the trunk.


Very Compact

Very Light

Many unique units have been developed. Headset solution - no such thing in the world !!!
One-sided forks make the bike very thin when folded. Thickness is only 26 cm (10.2 in).
The frame is made of carbon fiber, which makes the bike very durable and light.


Quality Details

Fine Design

The whole family can use the bike. Everyone can adjust it to their height-both children and their parents!
Quality components of well-known manufacturers: Shimano, Schwalbe, DDK, Author...
Perfect modern design does not take your eyes off this bike! Available in various colors.

Combiko Ergo Bike Features

Features For The Best Riding Experience

Innovative Headset

High precision gears installed into the headset. This allows to set the handlebar to the highest and lowest position for the rider height from 120 sm (3.94 ft) to 190 sm (6.23 ft).

Ergonomic Adjustment

Innovative headset solution allows to adjust height of the handlebar and the saddle in big range for any age.

Bike Stand And Folding Device

Very compact folding bike stand does not take any place and installed on the crank. Almost invisible folding device. Fold the bike easily.

Hubs And Magnets

Special durable hubs were designed for the installation of one-sided forks and magnets. Now folding occurs wheel to wheel.

Unique Folding Solution

Small thickness of the bike. Do not worry about space when it folded!

Sliding Handlebar

Patented durable sliding handlebar allows to set the width for teenagers and adults. Simply and easily.

Quality Bike Details

Quality and durable details were designed and equipped for reliable use of the Combiko Ergo bike.

Battery And Motor

This bike can be modified into an electric version with the help of the standard motor Bafang and battery Combiko.

Frame Colors

Most popular colors of the frame can be use.


Combiko Ergo bike can be use by adults and teenagers, in the city and countryside. Several bikes can fit in the trunk of the small car. Don't need to carry the bike, you can roll it!